Date posted: August 18, 2011

Hard DollarHadden Sayers has rejoined the Intrepid Family!

Texas blues troubadour Hadden Sayers didn’t follow the usual script on his road back. His tribulations weren’t the result of personal demons. He didn’t call on a team of slick advisors and publicists to resuscitate his career. He didn’t look for reality shows, sex tapes, or reunion tours to make an easy buck.

Sometimes the saying is true: shit just happens. In 2004 the record labels disappeared in a haze of bad business deals, excuses, and rip-offs. Gigs dried up. Sayers took a job in corporate music and performed as the Hadden Sayers Band using family members to round out the group. Times got even leaner. Stung, discouraged, and hurting, Sayers retreated to a dilapidated fishing shack in Southern Ohio.

Then an old man by the name of Conard McCorkle, in battered work boots and a fishing hat, arrived to rebuild the shack’s stone chimney. McCorkle’s silent strength, patience, and friendship revived Sayers’ resolve. He began humming tunes and melodies on the drive to the shack.

Just as the stone mason and the bluesman shared a beer and a handshake celebrating the completion of the new cottage, Grammy-nominated vocalist Ruthie Foster called in search of a guitarist. The two musicians shared a love for the Brazos Valley hybrid of blues, Tejano, country, soul, gospel, and reggae. Sayers immediately began writing songs with Foster in mind.

In 2010, Sayers piqued the interest of Blue Corn Music label head Denby Auble. Ruthie herself was on the label and as part of Foster’s touring band, Auble thought Hadden would be a perfect fit. The rest, they say, is history! Blue Corn has just released Hard Dollar to critical acclaim and Hadden is back on the road doing what he loves most… Touring as The Hadden Sayers Band. You can still catch him on occasion playing with Ruthie Foster as well. The Best of both worlds, if you will.

Sometimes, the hard dollar is an honorable dollar. Sometimes the hard dollar is the dollar that matters most.

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