Date posted: February 21, 2012

Eric saylorsMaking the The Steepwater Band’s Live Sound Even Bigger

With great delight, The Steepwater Band would like to welcome touring guitarist Eric Saylors to the family. Alongside original members Jeff Massey: Guitar/Vocals, Tod Bowers: Bass, and Joe Winters: Drums; Eric will join the band on stage as 2nd Guitar/Backing Vocals for all 2012 tour dates and beyond, adding to the already huge live sound the band has become identified with. Best known for his time with the Indianapolis-based rock group Healing Sixes, Eric has worked with such music luminaries as drummer Jason Bonham, and producer Kevin Shirley. He brings a great sense of tone and taste to the current TSB live repertoire,

With Eric onboard the tour full-time beginning March 1st, the final performance (indefinitely) by the just original, 3-piece line-up of the band will be FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24, at MARTYRS’ in their hometown of Chicago, IL. We hope you can join us to celebrate the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one.

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