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Eric Sardinas and Big Motor hangin’ out with Anthony Gomes & The New Soul Cowboys infront of the marquee at BB Kings in NYC. NICE!

Intrepid agent KHop “(c)ouldn’t help but pose with Kenny f’ing Neal at Red, Hot & BBQ in Raleigh this past weekend.” Get off KHop!

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor played at the Saegewerk-Music Hall in Denmark April 8. Shortly after we received a gushing email. “I hope you enjoy this place and come again next year! We have had so much fun, we love you… Please come to us next year! With kind regards Geert from the Saegewerk-Team”

Back in The USSR…. Lovin’ it!!! Walter Trout invades Moscow!!!

Trout Fishing in Russia ain’t for everyone! Please do not try this at home ladies and gentlemen… Walter Trout is a trained professional. To some this may look painful but it is just another day at the office for Walter….. Well the Russian office. Thank you Oleg and everyone at The Moscow Performing Arts Center!!!

Russia…. Meet The Mighty Walter Trout! Walter Trout gets rave reviews in Moscow!!!! Thanks Oleg!!!

The “King of the Snarl,” Walter Trout snarls and rips away on his guitar leaving the Rusian Audience at the Moscow Performing Arts Center in total amazement. No snarls from Walter’s new found fans in Moscow. Nothing but Smiles!

Rick Knapp of the Walter Trout Band lays down some thick lines for Moscow at The Moscow Performing Arts Center… Yes, That would be Moscow, Russia.

2 things to definitely be thankful for and some might even say worth tattooing on your arm, Mom and The city known for Beer! © Rick Booth

Another sampling of Nick’s art at Mojo Kitchen… Very Nice.

Just a sampling of the Artwork by Nick inside Mojo Kitchen! Great stuff! © Rick Booth

No fun had here! Ha! What a blast! Thanks Todd and Keith and Nette! You guys are Great!!!

Hey, Looks like someone left these two clowns in Jacksonville. Someone call Intrepid and see what to do now???

Lil’ Ed on the phone after midnight in Jax Beach calling long lost Intrepid agent/friend Jake Lankheit just to give him a hard time about his Tarheels losing in the Final Four. What are good friends for anyway? Jake was back home in NC lickin’ his wounds while the rest of the Intrepid Crew was raging in Jax Beach. We missed ya’ Jakey! © Rick Booth

Shane Dwight (Great Jam Host, Thanks!) havin’ some fun watchin’ Jason do his thang at the late night “jam” at Mojo Kitchen in Jax Beach!

Along with host Shane Dwight, Lil’ Ed and Jason own the late night “jam” at Mojo Kitchen! Thanks Mojo Kitchen and Shane! © Rick Booth

Ed and band join the late night jam hosted by Shane Dwight at Mojo Kitchen late night! © Rick Booth

Lil’ Ed, Jason Ricci & Michael Burke all play together during the late night jam at Mojo Kitchen Sat 4/5/08. © Rick Booth

Old Friends, Ed & Rick havin’ lots of fun at The Mojo Kitchen in Jax Beach… (Note the Jerk in the background to the right… Dude sat like that next to the door with that look on his face all night. The only guy in the entire place not having fun, What a miserable loser!)

Kelly, Pookie, Rick, Ed, Susan Veal and Bradley F Stewart havin’ some fun at the late night Jam at Mojo Kitchen in Jax Beach 4/5/08.

There must be some kinda’ mistake dude… We’re with the band. Bradley F Stewart, Rick, Chris from Alligator Records, and K Hop all hanging out with Lil’ Ed… “Backstage at The Beach.”

Ed is down on his knees wailing away while we all knew he was actually praying that the rain would hold off until he finished his magnificant set. It did and we thank you Lord!!! © Rick Booth

Lil’ Ed pours his heart and sweat into his smokin’ set! Thanks Ed! © Rick Booth

Lil’ Ed ROCKS the Sat night crowd in Jax Beach. 4/5/08 © Rick Booth

Nick Moss, K Hop, Bradley F Stewart and Rick hangin’ out front during Jason Ricci’s set in Jax Beach.

“Weed” © Rick Booth

Duuuude! Shawn “Killer” Starsky rips PERIOD! Get off! Just ask anyone in Jacksonville Beach, FL © Rick Booth

The “Jason Ricci Collection”….. found only at Intrepid Artists © Rick Booth

Just another day at the beach…. well with some added jammin’ music from Nick Moss & The Flip Tops and Jason Ricci & New Blood.

Did we mention that this guys stock is on the rise! Jason Ricci WOWS the beach in Jacksonville 4/5/08. © Rick Booth

Jason Ricci firing up the rowdy afternoon beach crowd in Jacksonville Beach at The Springin’ The Blues Festival 4/5/08. © Rick Booth

Chris Levick from Alligator Records and Rick from Intrepid in serious business discussions….. (That’s supposed to be funny) in front of Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials as they perform in Jacksonville at The Sprigin’ The Blues Festival.

2 Bad Mo Fo’s… Shawn Starsky & Jason Ricci dazzle the crowd time and time again in Jacksonville. © Rick Booth

Nick Moss and fellow Flip Tops finish up their rockin’ set of Chicago laced blues at The Springin’ The Blues Festival in Jax Beach, FL 4/5/08 © Rick Booth

Nick Boss lays down some wicked Chicago blues for the bathing suit clad rowdy afternoon audience! © Rick Booth

“Piano Willie” keyboardist/organist/bass player for Nick Moss & The Fliptops fires up the beach at the 2008 Springin’ The Blues Fest 4/5/08. © Rick Booth

Nick Moss wails away Beachside in Jacksonville, Florida! 4/5/08 © Rick Booth

Nick Moss and band mate, “Piano Willie” Oshawny rippin’ at The Jax Beach Springin’ The Blues Festival. 4/5/08 © Rick Booth

Guess who? Jason Ricci that’s who…. “representin” at The Jax Beach Springin’ The Blues Festival! 4/5/08

The Intrepid Gang hangin’ out at the beach with Jason Ricci and New Blood just before their show at The Springin’ The Blues Festival in Jax Beach, FL. The Sun is always shining at Intrepid!!! 4/5/08

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