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The One and Only Booty Band ROCK’S Asheville, NC Bele Chere Fest 2008.

Master of Ceremonies, Jason Ricci steals the show at the 25th Annual Int’l Blues Competition held at The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN. He seemed to be the talk of the town after his upbeat, energized, comical way of presenting artists, his shameless plugs, and the way he kept the show rolling only like he can do. Job well done Jason! © Mark Goodman

John Lee Hooker, Jr posing for the cameras on the Red Carpet at The Staples Centre for the 2009 Grammy Awards. John was nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album, his second nomination in the past 4 years.

After forcing Rick to make a bet on the Panthers vs. Saints game, promoter extraordinaire/Slum Lord/Friend of the Big Show Adam Shipley pays the cost for the Saints Loss actually losses. The Saints lost to the Panthers twice this year. Adam’s bet was that the loser had to wear the winner’s jersey and hang a bagel ( he is infatuated w/ bagels, would die without them) around their neck and take a picture for the other’s website. Anyway, after months of waiting, here we go. Shipley, You are a beautiful cat! Intrepid Loves ya’! Oy Vey!

Kevin Eubanks Musical director of The Tonight Show Band and Joe Louis Walker play a string of dates together in San Francisco. This could be the start of a beautiful thing!

Rick, Justin Lankheit, Jakey and Brad throwin’ down in celebration of Jake’s engagement. Just another excuse for a party!


The Intrepid Agents along with Jake’s brother Justin (far right) celebrate Jakey’s enagagement to longtime girlfriend Lilly Hopkins at Rick’s House. Congrats Jakey!

Bob Corritore and Kim Danielson… Bob, You old sly dog you!

These guys ROCK!!! Highly recommended.

Jess Franklin, Rick Booth, Cameron Williams and Bradley F Stewart havin’ lots of fun backstage at The Neighborhood Theatre after Tishamingo finished up their set.

Bradley F Stewart, K Hop, Booth & Jakey gettin’ right before the Monday Night Football game between The Panthers & The Bucs in beautiful uptown Charlotte Dec 8, 2008…… Panthers literally run all over the Bucs 38-23. Go Cats!

Birol Zsak (new found friend of Watermelon Slim) carves out a pipe for Watermelon Slim in his likeness while Slim was on tour in Turkey.

How about a little Slim Cuisine? Only on the Blues Cruise. Where is the Watermelon? © MJ Stringer

Shirley Neal and son, Kenny in the kitchen on the Blues Cruise cookin’ up some food for the passengers like only the Neal’s know how to do! You don’t get this on just any cruise! © MJ Stringer

Shane Dwight tearin’ it up down in Cabo at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo club! © MJ Stringer

“BA” © Suzanne Foschino

“Johnny” © Suzanne Foschino

Lightnin’ Malcolm is all smiles in Charlotte, NC Nov 13, 2008 at The Double Door Inn. This is the first time he & Cedric Burnside have played together in Charlotte. Great crowd, Great fun!!!

Rick, Lightnin’ Malcolm, Bradley F Stewart, Mike, Cedric Burnside & Mr Roy hangin’ out late night at The Double Door Inn. Lot’s of fun had by all fellas!!!

“Buck Weed”… ‘Nuf said!

Jason Ricci is a HUGE HIT at the Sarasota Blues Festival. Thank you Barbara!!! We love ya’!

Guitarist Extraordinaire, Shawn Starski of New Blood rips at The Sarasota Blues Festival! Jason Ricci & New Blood were fan favorites! Imagine that! Great time had by all!

Sheik Johnny Lee Hooker sings the blues for all the blues fans in Turkey!!! © Gokhan Kali

Big Bad John! John Lee is lovin’ his time spent in Diyarbakir, Turkey. The shows have been fantastic throughout all of Turkey and as one can see, John is having no problems adjusting to the Turkish Culture and wardrobe.

The good folks in Moscow love John Lee!!!! © BM Photo

John Lee Hooker, Jr doin’ his thang in Moscow, Russia as part of the Efes Pilsen Blues Fest. Hook says he loves the people and the culture on this tour and has delivered the goods! John loves Russia and Russia loves John!!! © BM Photo

Lil’ B… always with the Big Smile leaves many folks smilin’ as well! © Suzanne Foschino

John Nemeth baring his soul at the Illinois Blues Blast Awards in Chicago. John was the only artist to take home two awards one for Best New Artist Debut Recording and the other was the Sean Costello Rising Star Award. © Susan Walker

Nick Moss wailing away at The Illinois Blues Blast Awards in Chicago. Nick took home the Hardware for Best Blues Song, Mistakes from The Past. Congrats Nick! © Bob Kieser

Lurrie Bell with Nick Moss at The Illinois Blues Blast Awards. Lurrie was given an Illinois Blues Blast Award for Best Traditional Recording for his Let’s Talk About Love CD. This adds to the collection of “hardware” Lurrie has already received this year. Lurrie was recently named Blues Artist of the Year as well as Most Outstanding Musician at The Living Blues Awards. Congratulations Lurrie!!! © Susan Walker

Johnny “Hardware” Nemeth at The Illinois Blues Blast Awards. Great job John! © Gary Eckart

Sheik Hooker and his lovely wife, Magda enjoying themselves on tour in Turkey. A Big Thank you goes out to everyone that helped to make this happen, Mike, Uluch, Dilek, and everyone on the ground in Turkey and Russia helping to make The Eles Pilsen Blues tour possible!

Just another ordinary night at the Trout’s. Happy Halloween everybody! The Trouts Rock!!!

Walter Trout (pictured here with his “personal” guard) had his hands beaten until they swelled up 5 times their normal size on Halloween after playing his guitar too loud and playing too many notes in his cell. Reports from the jail indicated Mr Trout refused to turn down his amp and his “personal” guard had to take him down to solitary confinement for some rehabbing. Neither have been heard from since. We hope swelling will go down and urge him to call his physician if swelling does not go down after 4 hours.

The Joker AKA Rick Booth and his lovely Bride Lee raising a little Hell and Eternal Damn Nation on Halloween ’08.

The Joker and some of his trick or treat buddies on Halloween ’08.

Jason Ricci and Bob Margolin “jam” together at The Sarasota Blues Festival Nov 1. What a great time had by Jason and his band, New Blood!!! Thanks Barbara AKA Princess!

Are you “Experienced?” Bernard Allison is!

Bernard Allison and Johnny Lang are all smiles on the “Experience Hendrix” Tour ’08.

Bernard Allison hanging out with Eric Gales and Aerosmith guitarist, Brad Whitford before they hit the stage for the “Experience Hendrix” Tour ’08.

Buddy Guy and Bernard Allison trade licks while performing Hey Joe as part of the “Experience Hendrix” Tour October 2008.

The Intrepid Gang representing at the Bank of America 500 in Charlotte Oct 11. Rick, Andy(friend of the office), Jakey and Bradley havin’ a BLAST!

My Boys Jakey and Bradley!

The hands of a true Blues Man, Bernard Allison. © Paul Donahue

Bernard Allison at Trocadero’s in Minneapolis. © Paul Donahue

5 minutes ‘til showtime. Do what ya’ gotta’ do and let’s hit the stage….. Simplified!!!

Chris Sheridan of Simplified playin’ to the crowd at Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum in Auburn, AL 9/29/08.

On the BIG stage in Auburn, AL. Thanks goes out to all the guys in O.A.R. and Redlight management for a good time!!!

The Boys from Simplified hanging out with Wild Man Steve and Lola Palooza in Auburn before their show with O.A.R.

What a Ham! Rick havin’ some fun with the Carolina Panther Cheerleaders… Nothin’ could be finer than a Sunday in Carolina!

Big Fan of Intrepid Artists…. We’ll just call him “Inspector Gadget” has a toke off a Cuban and a glass of wine behind the lines in North Korea. We believe this is the first pic ever to be posted on Rick’s Pics from North Korea. We are Everywhere!

Moscow loves Lil’ Ed… Lil’ Ed loves Moscow! Ed and Crew Rock the Moscow Int’l Blues Fest. © Alexei Dagaev

“Moscow girls make me scream and shout!” Bryan Morris makes some new friends at the Moscow Int’l Blues Fest.

Kenny Neal fires up the crowd at The Moscow Int’l Blues Fest. © Alexei Dagaev

Lil’ Ed displays his drumming skills while jamming with Kenny Neal at the Moscow Int’l Blues Fest post party. © Alexei Dagaev

Lil’ Ed and Kenny Neal make a BIG splash in Russia pictured here jamming at the BB King Club in Moscow. © Alexei Dagaev

Darnell “Big D” Neal enjoying a good time in Moscow, Russia! © Alexei Dagaev

Bryan Morris (drummer extraordinaire) is all smiles in Moscow. © Alexei Dagaev

Lil’ Ed and Kenny Neal, Old School baby! “Back in the USSR.” Thanks Sergei and Alexei!!!

Sergei Voronov, Intrepid Artists’ favorite Russian guitarist and great friend smiles for the camera as he plays the “post jam” at the BB King Club in Moscow, Russia following the Moscow Int’l Blues Fest. Thank you again Sergei and Alexei!!! Lil’ Ed and Kenny Neal both had a GREAT time! You guys ROCK!!! © Alexei Dagaev

“Turn Benji up!” Benji Shanks (left) of Last Waltz Ensemble sits in with JB and Widespread Panic at The Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN on July 15, 2008. We love ya’ Benji!

Ana lays it down for the audience at The Bayfront Blues Fest in Duluth. Thank you for the pictures Eric! © Eric Johannesson

John Lee Hooker Jr and Bernard Allison steal the show in Duluth at The Bayfront Blues Fest. Everyone was left talking about the performance of John and Bernard when the festival was done. Great show guys!!! Thanks Chris and Patti for your hard work! Great festival. © Eric Johannesson

Jake and Rick at The Chop House inside Turner Field in Atlanta. July ’08

Rick and Jake watching the scrimmage between the St Louis Cardinals and Richmond Braves (Atlanta’s Triple A farm club) at “The Ted” in Atlanta, GA. Albert Pujols & The Cardinals pulled out a 7-2 win late in the game after a tight first 7 innings.

Walter gets the crowd on their feet at The North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland, ME © Moe Kirkham<

Walter brings it home at The North Atlantic Blues Festival © Moe Kirkham

Works for K Hop… as he stands outside The Bluenote in Columbia, MO posing with Mike Zito and Lil’ Ed… Well sort of.

Tom Petty will “Wreck You Baby!” Tom Petty and the “brilliant” Heartbreakers pulled into Charlotte, NC on July 11 and blew us all away. WOW. If you get a chance to see these seasoned Rock Legends play, It is highly recommended by everyone at Intrepid!!! Oh yeah, Steve Winwood is the support… Excellent! © Ryan Hawthorne

The Intrepid Family and friends invade the lawn at Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/ Steve Winwood at Verizon Ampitheatre. Needless to say, we came, we saw and we partied… Hard!

John & Demitra Watson, longtime friends of Intrepid hangin’ out havin’ fun with The Booth’s at Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in Chalottetown USA July 11, 2008!

5 Damn Good lookin’ Men!… Classy but here to party.

Emily McBain (2nd row) & Demitra Watson with the Girls of Intrepid… Lee, Alicia, Lilly, and Kristin having absolutely no fun at The Tom Petty Party. © Rick Booth

Shawn Kellerman wales away on his strat. If you have not had the chance to catch this cat, you need to. He is as good as they get in the Guitar Dept. Great show! Great to see you as well!!! © Rick Booth

WTF? The Twins… Nothing left to say here… © Rick Booth

Simplified Rocks the Epicentre in Uptown Charlotte. © Rick Booth

Chris Sheridan brings the heat on a Hot summer night in Uptown Charlotte, NC. © Rick Booth

Whether it is “Six Strings & A Bottle” or “You the Moon & Me,” Clee Laster of Simplified always has the right line at the right time! © Rick Booth

Chris Lynch of Simplified layin’ down the groove with Charlotte’s skyline behind him. © Rick Booth

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