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John Mooney with a “homemade” gauze cast to protect his injured arm rocks the Voodoo Fest at the Preservation Jazz hall tent! © Adam Shipley

Lilly and Jake hiking in the Smoky Mountain National Park sportin’ the T’s.

Susan Tedeschi invites Shane Dwight on stage to jam with her on The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Shane became one of the more requested artists to jam with on the cruise and is the Merchandising King of the Pacific Coast.

Chris Lynch of Simplified, Paul Richards of ROCKMAN Management, Clee Laster of Simplified all hanging out with John Popper after their show at The Fillmore Oct 15, 2009. Mr Popper was more than generous to all of us. Thanks John!

Former Intrepid agent and very close friend of the office, Adam Musson, Paul Richards of ROCKMAN Management, Rick Booth and Jake Lankheit havin’ lots of fun at The Blues Traveler/ Simplified show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC Oct 15, 2009. Special thanks out to the guys in Blues Traveler! Great People! Thank you!

K Hop and his band of Merry Men …and women pose for a picture in front of their bus at The Widespread Panic/ Allman Brothers. Note everyone in the flatbills and mustaches. The Show was rockin’… As was the bus. Get off K Hop!

Will Hardwicke (son of Chris Hardwicke, Watermelon Slim’s Mgr) runs away for a TD for the Wittier Panthers in Norman, OK. Nice run Will. Keep up the good work.

Jason Ricci ROCKS Telluride!!! After seeing Jason Ricci & New Blood in Telluride, Jambase.com reporter Dino Perrucci wrote… “One of my favorite aspects of any festival is the chance to catch new artists that you’ve never seen or heard before. This year my favorite new band was Jason Ricci & New Blood. Lead vocalist and harmonica player Ricci incorporates the sounds of older blues masters as well as exploring newer sounds pioneered by John Popper.” © Dino Perrucci of Jambase.com

Cedric Burnside, Cliff Belcher and Lightnin’ Malcolm have taking time out for an Extreme close up in Clarksdale. © Cliff Belcher

Watermelon Slim at a very young age.

Everyone just loves Watermelon… Slim that is. Bring on the melons!

Baby Luuk, son of Ana Popovic getting started early on the drums!

Janiva Magness belts out The Blues on NPR’s Mountain Stage. © Brian Blauser

Walter Trout rocks the house at Double Door Inn! © Brad Stewart

Walter Trout takes time out for a picture with long time fans and friends of Intrepid, Mike & Kathy Wells. © Rick Booth

BIG BAD SAMMY!!! © Rick Booth

Brad, Walter, Jake and Rick hanging around post show at The Double Door Inn. WOW! What a show. These guys ROCK!!! Holy S#%T!

USS Intrepid! Armed, and ready to kick some ass!!! It’s the way we roll… Or sail! © Tony B

Hadden Sayers is all smiles playing at the Lance Armstrong “Live Strong” sanctioned “24 Hours Of Booty” in Charlotte, NC July 25, 2009. Hadden it was GREAT seeing you! © Rick Booth

JP Miller pimpin’ out and smokin’ on stage with The Booty Band in Asheville! © Erin Brethauer www.citizen-times.com

AL AL lays down the rhythm and belts out some funk frontin’ the Booty Band at The Bele Chere Festival in Asheville, NC. © Erin Brethauer www.citizen-times.com

Trombone Derrick of the Booty Band blastin’ out the Funk onto the streets of Asheville, NC. © Erin Brethauer www.citizen-times.com

Fans of Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band push to the front of the stage at Asheville’s Bele Chere Festival. © Erin Brethauer www.citizen-times.com

The streets of downtown Asheville are flooded full of fans of Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band at the Bele Chere Festival. It don’t get no funkier than this! © Erin Brethauer www.citizen-times.com

The Moon & The Sun shine thru at The NY State Blues Festival in Syracuse on July 12, 2009. We love ya’ Moon Man! © Ritchie Peryea

The Captain and The Kid….. Kid Anderson (left) and Rick Estrin showing off and doing what they do best, entertaining their fans at The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival! © Ellen Huffman

Shawn Starsky and Jason Ricci rockin’ in Holland! June 9, 2009 © Hans Kreutzer www.kreutzer-fotografie.nl

JR doin’ his thing in Holland! Intense stuff! © Hans Kreutzer www.kreutzer-fotografie.nl

Buddy Guy takes time to catch up with Ana at his club, Legends, in Chicago, IL during the Chicago Blues Festival June 12, 2009. © 2009 Terrance Lape www.americanbluesblog.

A leaner, meaner Walter Trout steals the show… AGAIN at The Greely Blues Fest in Greely, CO. The picture was sent to us from a Fan, Gary Brown. (more)

Jason Ricci sits in with Shawn Kellerman (love his playing) somewhere in Kentucky.

Frank Hicks, owner of Knucklehead’s in Kansas City, MO takes the stage on rub board with Mike Zito. Just another day in the life for Frank. Frank, Thanks for all you do for the music and Intrepid!

Minneapolis U.S. Bluesman Bernard Allison in concert in the old theater in Constantine, Algeria, on Thursday, 21 May, 2009, during the Dimajazz festival. © AP Photo

Simplified plays in front of thousands at Nascar’s Rev’d Up in Charlotte, NC with O.A.R.

Our friend and buyer from the Backroom in Boca Raton, FL… Mr Johnny “The Hammer” Yurt sits in on guitar one night at his club. Drop the Hammer Johnny, Drop it!

BA is all smiles in DE-TROIT Rock City at Callahan’s.

Simplified’s Chris Sheridan havin’ fun on stage looking out at the sea of people at NASCAR Rev’d Up in Uptown Charlotte May 13, 2009. © Rick Booth

Brian Vickers, driver of the #83 Red Bull Toyota hanging out backstage havin’ a good laugh with Rick from Intrepid.

Debbie Cox from NASCAR with Chris Sheridan and Timmy Lail of Simplified hangin’ out backstage at the NASCAR Rev’d Up event in uptown Charlotte. © Rick Booth

Rick talking backstage with NASCAR rookie sensation, Joey Logano, driver of the #20 Home Depot car. © Rick Booth

Chris Sheridan of Simplified, Casey Mears, Driver of the #07 Jack Daniels ride, a pretty Blonde and Rutledge from the Speed Channel all havin’ fun watching O.A.R. perform. © Rick Booth

Clee Laster of Simplified Hits the BIG Screen in uptown Charlotte for the inaugural NASCAR Rev’d Up with O.A.R. © Rick Booth

Intrepid’s good friend Adam Shipley at his evening gig. He is a Pentecostal Snake handler during his “free time.” Never a moment to himself!

Brad, Rick, Jake and Kevin celebrate at Jake’s wedding reception in Nashville, TN Saturday night, May 2! Congrats jakey! We all love ya’ and wish you and Lilly all the best!!!!

K Hop, Jakey and Jimbo the Dancin’ Man enjoying some blues provided by Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials at BB Kings in Nashville May 8, 2009.

Bradley F Stewart, The Mayor and K Hop at BB Kings in Nashville, TN, May 8 2009 lovin’ life and talking about their comrade “Shakey Jakey” who took the BIG Plunge the following day in Nashville. Congrats to Jake and Lilly!@ What a great party…. I mean wedding!

2009 Band of the Year Winners, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials perform at the 30th Annual Blues Music Awards held at the Cook Convention Center, held Thursday May 7th in Memphis, TN.

Curtis Salgado and BB have a moment after their performance together at the 2009 Blues Music Awards. © Rick Booth

Ricky and Jakey are all smiles at the 2009 Blues Music Awards. These 2 guys never have any fun! © Steve Hecht

Bradley F Stewart, Shane Eugene Tappendorf (promoter, agent, manager extraordinaire…. Done it all!) and Shakey Jakey Mundo at the BMA’s. To know Mr tapendorf is to love Mr Tappendorf. Curtis, Shane and Crew, You guys Rock! © Rick Booth

Tickets to the Blues Music Awards: $125. A new suit to wear: $300. Hotel Accommodations: $120. Airfare to Memphis: Ridiculous. Don’t even get me started! Having your picture taken with “The King”? PRICELESS!!!

A picture full of winners! 2009 BMA Winners, Cedric Burnside and Kenny Neal havin’ fun at the Awards with Intrepid Agents, Brad Stewart, Rick Booth and Kevin Hopkins! Congratulations guys!!!! Well done!!!!

Just glad to be at the Dance?.. I don’t think so! Rick Booth celebrates at the BMA’s by holding up Cedric & Malcolm’s 2 BMAS. © Brad Stewart

Brad Stewart and Marie Trout (Walter’s wife) take time out for a picture together! The Intrepid table had the honor of having Mrs.Trout sit with us during the awards.

Curt’s getting’ soulful with the King of the Blues, BB King at the 2009 Blues Music Awards. © Rick Booth

Curtis Salgado beltin’ out the blues alongside The King of the Blues himself, BB King at the 2009 Blues Music Awards. BB came up and joined Curtis on stage for a few songs at this year’s BMA’s.

After all these years, Buffett and Crew still deliver the goods! Thanks JL, Mike & Charlie. As always, We appreciate the hospitality and the good times! © Rick Booth

Peter, Mac and Buffett havin’ fun trading licks in Charlotte, NC April 21 ! © Rick Booth

Now that is what I call crowd approval (Chalrotte 4/21/09)! © Rick Booth

Rick and Lee enjoying an evening out.

Rick and Lee Booth hangin’ out with friends Terri and Kemp at Jimmy Buffett in Charlotte, NC.

“HEY , WTF you spossed to do wit all these f’in knobs ????” Dave Brown AKA DB Cheese runnin’ the show in Mumbai, India as Bernard Allison is on stage.

Lightnin’ Malcolm, promoter Leo Gale, and Cedric Burnside hangin’ out in Sunny Florida. © Jim Mills

John Nemeth sittin’ in with Elvin Bishop at Yoshi’s Oakland in February 2009 © Bob Hakins/Courtesy of Blind Pig Records

Miss Linda and Adam Shipley hangin’ out on da’ Cornda’ takin’ pictures of themselves. © Adam Shipley

Rick hangin’ in “the Jects” in NOLA taking in some of the local flavor and trying not to stand out in the crowd. © Adam Shipley

Adam Shipley poses for a picture with his new family and one of the Mardi Gras Indians down in NOLA! Adam, You rock. Thanks for a great time! © Rick Booth

Miss Linda ROCKS!!!! Thank you so much for the Yakamein, Dirty Rice, Collards, Mac & Cheese, Brownies, Sweet Potato Pie, and all of your hospitality. We love NEW ORLEANS and Love MISS LINDA!!!

Sometimes things are not what they seem. © Adam Shipley

You have to love all of the beautiful colors of New Orleans! © Adam Shipley

The New Orleans Chop House will make you do weird things. Just ask Rick, Adam Shipley (nice hair) and K Hopper pictured here high atop the Chop House overlooking Tipitinas.

Miss Linda opening up the diner, serving up the yakamein!

Rick is about to dig into his Poke Chop Sammy wrapped in Furl that he picked up on the Conda’ from Miss Linda down in New Orleans. Miss Linda Rocks. Thanks for taking care of me and my boys. © Adam Shipley

Bernard rips some licks at KUZ Mainz in Germany. © Hans Christian Sparrer

Mooney and K Hop clowning around at dba in New Orleans.

The Intrepid Gang hanging out in front of dba in New Orleans while John Mooney takes a set break! Jake, Rick, Bradley F Stewart, Jimbo Sleepy Head (not an Intrepid One) and K Hop! Let the Good Times Roll!

Chris Duarte Group Super Fan and great friend of Intrepid, Karen Tyson hangin’ out during the break at the Double Door w/Rick Booth. A good time had by all. Chris Duarte Shreds!!!

The Good Doctor made an Ash Wednesday house call in Charlotte, NC at The Blumenthal Center. Always good to have Mac in town. © Gregory Cranford of Cranford & Assoc.

Bernard Allison (all smiles) playing the New Morning in Paris, France. © S.Viennet (http://lachambrenoire.sv.free.fr/laChambreNoire)

Bernard Allison (all smiles) playing the New Morning in Paris, France. © S.Viennet (http://lachambrenoire.sv.free.fr/laChambreNoire)

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