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Standing in front of Eric Sardinas’ tour bus, Booth and English get some wardrobe advice from the The Guitar Lord following his Sold Out show with Steve Vai at Ziggy’s in Winston Salem, NC.

In front of a smoke filled, sold out, very rowdy crowd in Winston Salem, NC, Sardinas cranks up his amps and blows the doors off of Ziggys in Winston Salem, NC on March 22! WOW!!! © Rick Booth

Renee Austin rocks The Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE March 2, 2005. © David Sukovaty

Jamie Frey (fan), Stevie Wonder, & Anthony Gomes pose for a picture at NAMM. © Tony B

JC (Jon Coleman), Jamie Frey (fan), Robert Randolph, & Anthony Gomes pose for a shot at NAMM. © Tony B

Under the glow of the spotlight Bernard pours his heart into the music at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, Czech Republic, on February 22, 2005 © Zdenek Krhovsky

No matter where he is Bernard’s always got a smile for the crowd! © Zdenek Krhovsky (Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, Czech Republic, on February 22, 2005)

Chris Duarte digs his fingers into the Fret Board of his old Strat, manipulating his guitar like no one else can at Chan’s in Woonsocket, RI on Feb 26, 2005. © John DaDalt

BB King and John Lee Hooker, Jr.

Sardinas and Gomes hanging out at the NAMM show in LA in January. © Sylvia Jensen

“Rev” Jeff Mosier and David Blackmon playin’ a little Bluegrass
for the people of Greenville, SC at The Handlebar on Jan 14, 2005.
© Rob Vollbeer

Duarte finds his groove and blows away his fans in the Czech Republic. © Zdenek Krhovsky

Chris Duarte lets his hair fly and gets in “The Zone” at the Golem Club in Zlin, Czech Republic. © Zdenek Krhovsky

“Rev” Jeff Mosier of Blueground Undergrass intensely “lets her rip” at Smith’s in Atlanta, Ga. © Sean Deegan

The Amazing Cortini looks on with approval as he and “Rev” Mosier play a little Bluegrass for the good people at Smith’s in Atlanta, Ga. © Sean Deegan

“Rev” Mosier and the Legendary David Blackmon of Blueground Undergrass “get their groove on” and rock the house in front of an enthusiastic capacity filled room in Atlanta, Ga. © Sean Deegan

Behind the shades, Gomer lets ‘er rip on New Years Eve in Springfield, MO to a capacity crowd! © Mike Maddox

“Rev” Jeff Mosier and Blueground Undergrass picking away at 550 Blues in Macon, Georgia © Gary Harmon

Kenny Neal and Billy Branch “blow” the crowd away at The Riverwalk Blues Fest in Ft Lauderdale, FL. © Rick Booth

All smiles at The Riverwalk Blues Fest from Kenny Neal and Billy Branch. They left the crowd screaming for more with smiles from ear to ear! Much mo’ betta’ blues ya’ll!!! WOW! © Rick Booth

Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin of Tishamingo deliver a set of Southern Fried Blues complete with dualing guitars to a very appreciative Ft Lauderdale crowd at The Riverwalk Blues Festival. © Rick Booth

Rick and Kenny get together after the show in Florida at The Riverwalk Blues Festival.

Jimmy Thackery can still make that guitar scream. Riverwalk Blues Fest, Ft Lauderdale, FL. © Rick Booth

Old Friends hangin’ out in Florida.

Anthony Gomes sets the tone for Saturday night with a blistering set in front of a massive crowd at The Riverwalk Blues Fest in Ft Lauderdale, FL. © Rick Booth

Check out the menagerie of images from Anthony and the guys blasting
the Blues Station in Columbus on October 7.

Curtis Salgado giving it all he has at The Double Door Inn Oct 29, 2004 in Charlotte, NC. Photo by: Ellen Huffman

Fuzzy Haskin and Ray Davis of Original “P” with Jim English (center) at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton New Brunswick. Photo by JC Youngblood

Rev Jeff Mosier debuts the newly reformed Blueground Undergrass to the masses at Mag Fest in Live Oak, FL. Oct 23, 2004. Expect to see a lot more of these guys! © Cal Smith

Walter Trout lights it up at the Great Eastern Blues Festival Massanutten Resort in Virginia. Photo by Alan Grossman

Gomes and Crew “blaze a trail” through Portland, OR at the 2004 Waterfront Blues Festival! Anthony Gomes is kinda’ like VISA….”Everywhere you wanna’ be!”

“Gomer” and “Biscuit” havin’ fun, like they do every weekend! This particular weekend happens to be in Duluth, MN at The Bayfront Blues Fest in front of an enormous crowd. © Karl Bremer

John Mooney turns his back to the camera to face his fans in Duluth, MN and give them a heapin’ helpin’ of some “Louisiana Slide” like only he can do it. © Karl Bremer

Behind the glasses, Tinsley Ellis pours his heart and soul, along with some rippin’ guitar licks onto the good folks of Minnesota at The Bayfront Blues Fest! © Karl Bremmer

You gotta’ see it to believe it! Taalib York and his phenominal band have been amazing crowds everywhere they play. He loves to strut his suff across the stage and shows all in attendance just exactly “Who’s Bad?” © Rick Booth

Taalib York of “Who’s Bad?” demonstrates the art of moon walking as he performs “Billie Jean” to the astonished crowd at Amos’ August 20, 2004 in Charlotte, NC. © Rick Booth

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