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Lil’ Ed brings smiles and good times to the crowd at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE on December 9-10 2005 © Gary Kearney

“Now taking the stage the next generation of world-class blues-rock, The Trout Boys!” Seen opening for their father, Walter, at various venues during his overseas tour. (L-R: Dylan, Jonathan & Mikey)

John Lee Hooker, Jr moves so fast even the camera can’t keep up as he wow’s the crowd at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge in San Diego, CA., on October 7, 2005. © Joan Hunt

John Lee Hooker, Jr belts it out infront of a pumped up crowd at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge in San Diego, CA., on October 7, 2005. © Joan Hunt

Watermelon Slim “charms” the fans during a smokin’ harmonica solo at the Blues Hall on Beale St.

Walter Trout and Bernard Allison havin’ some fun in Notodden, Norway in Aug of 2005. © Art Tipaldi

Jake Lankheit, a scary Rick Booth, and longtime Intrepid supporter and friend, Steve Foerster tailgate before the Halloween Masacare of the Minnesota Vikings Oct 30, 2005 © Robert Tisdale

Kenny Neal and Billy Branch get a little help crossing the Canadian border from Watermelon Slim jus happened to be around when they needed a lift. Slim offered to stick them in the back of his van and “smuggle” ’em in. No fun being had in that van??? Ha! Ha!

Rev. Jeff Mosier fronting Blueground Undergrass wares out his Banjo like nobody’s business to the delight of the crowd at The Visulite Theatre 10/8/06. © Brad Stewart

Mosier and Booth havin’ a laugh after the show. It’s an aquarius thing! 10/8/06 © Brad Stewart

Rick Booth, David Blackmon, and Jake Lankheit chillin’ after Blackmon finishes his scorching set with Blueground Undergrass. 10/8/06 © Brad Stewart

Cameron Wiliams and Jess Franklin of Tishamingo lookin’ good
on The Jumbotron at Turner Field in Atlanta 8/19/05.
© Jessica Gearhart

Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin sing the National Anthem “Tishamingo Style” before The Braves game 8/19/05 © Jessica Gearhart

Jessica and Devon (The Tishamingo Girls) babysit “The Old Man” while their boyfriends rock Huntsvegas! 9/24/05

Uncle Jesse of Shady Deal shows off his brand new Firebird guitar in Huntsvegas, AL. 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

Duwayne Burnside and his million dollar smile both shine in front of thousands at The Big Spring Jam! 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

Following to scorching sets from Shady Deal and Tishamingo, Chris Robinson and The Black Crowes head for the stage for a ninety minute set of Red Hot Southern Rock N’ Roll! © Rick Booth

Cam Williams of Tishamingo gettin’ soulful in Hunstsvegas! 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

Opening up for The Black Crowes, Jess Franklin and Cam Williams of Tishamingo serve notice to Huntsvegas, AL that they are the “next BIG thing in Southern Rock!” Big Spring Jam Fest 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

Uncle Jessie (far left) and Mason Watkins (far right) of Shady Deal havin’ a couple of “cold ones” with Rick and Jake from Intrepid backstage after their show in Huntsvegas, AL with Tishamingo and The Black Crowes!

Mase The Bass THUMPIN’ at The Big Spring Jam! 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

Lil’ B lays down the Funky Zydeco Beat at The Big Spring Jam in Huntsvegas, AL. 9/24/05 © Rick Booth

“The Girls of Tishamingo” havin’ a Big Time backstage at The Big Spring Jam! (Lizzy, Devon, Fran, Jessica) © Rick Booth

Bo still knows Diddley and shows it off at
The Bull Durham Festival Sept 9, 2006! © Rick Booth

Brad from Intrepid hangin’ out before the show at The Bull Durham Festival with Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer, Bo Diddley. Sept 9, 2006 © Rick Booth

Rick and Brad chillin’ with Lil’ B before he takes the stage and lays down some funky Zydeco for the approximately 3000 folks in attendance at The Bull Durham Fest Sept 10, 2006.

Don’t forget to tip your bartenders. George at The Double Door is happy to serve you always with a smile! George, Who Luvs ya’? © Rick Booth

Bernard Allison lays down some of his funky blues rock like nobody else can at The Double Door Inn Sept 23, 2006. Enjoyed seeing ya’ B.A!!!! © Rick Booth

Brad Stewart and Jake Lankheit from Intrepid havin’ fun with B.A. after a 3 hour set of monsterous Funky Blues at The Double Door Inn!!! After the show many were left to talk of how the 3 hour set reminded them of Bernard’s Dad, the late great Luther Allison! © Rick Booth

John Lee Hooker, Jr lowers the “Boom, Boom, Boom” on Duluth, MN at the Bayfront Blues Fest Aug 14, 2005. © Karl Bremer

Eric Sardinas is “Smoking” literally at The Bayfront Blues Festiival in Duluth, MN on Aug 13, 2005. © Karl Bremer

The Bad Boy of the Blues, Eric Sardinas with his burned guitar, tatoos, cowboy hat, and fingers wrapped with electircal tape to keep them from falling apart, is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you have not figured this out by now…. Where have you been? The city of Duluth is is on alert!!! © Karl Bremer

Sardinas rocks Velden, Austria alongside his bass player Levell Price at the inaugural Bluesiana Heritage Music Fest Aug 28, 2005. Eric has become a favorite of blues and rock fans alike in this part of the world!

Sardinas proves to be a fan favorite in Velden, Austria shown here making his way through the rabid fans at the Bluesiana Heritage Music Fest. Eric was chosen to headline the inaugural festival which turned out to be a great success!

Grammy nominee, John Lee Hooker Jr rares back and belts the blues at Festival Mare’ De Agosto in Santa Maria, Azores off the coast of Portugal! Aug 21, 2006

John Lee Hooker Jr was dubbed “Hurricane John” by the promoters of Festival Mare’ De Agosto in the Azores off the coast of Portugal because of his very strong performance. He blew into Portugal with a large head of steam and rocked the always, very enthusiastic crowd at the festival. Thank you Joao!!! We love ya’ and can’t wait to come back!!!! Aug 21, 2006.

Andrew Trube of the Greyhounds lays down some funky Lap Steel for the people of Asheville, NC at The Bele Chere Festival. © Todd Kreider

The Funk and Soul is in the house anytime this guy takes the stage! Anthony Farrell of the Greyhounds makes some facial contortions as he bares his “soul” in a funky sort of way as only the Greyhounds know how. © Todd Kreider

Rev Jeff Mosier delivers his rendition of the National Anthem at Turner Field in Atlanta like only he can do. We are told that he is the first artist to ever sing the Anthem at Turner Field while playing the banjo as well. The crowd loved it as well as The Braves organization!!! Afterwards he was brought into the dugout to meet The Braves players and their staff. Aug 1, 2005 © Thomas “T-Dawg” Helland

Rev Jeff Mosier of Blueground Undergrass makes the Big Screen Jumbo-Tron at Turner Field in Atlanta as he performs the National Anthem before the Braves vs Pirates game Monday August 1, 2005. © Thomas “T-Dawg” Helland

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