The Catfish

The Catfish 2016

Big, Bad and Beautiful

Big, Bad and Beautiful 2015 DixieFrog Records

I'm Feeling Lucky

I’m Feelin’ Lucky The Blues According to Popa Chubby 2014 Cleopatra

Universal Breakdown Blues 2013 Mascot Records

Universal Breakdown Blues 2013 Mascot Records

Back to New York City

Back to New York City 2011 Provogue

The Essential Popa Chubby

The Essential Popa Chubby 2010 Blind Pig Records

The Fight Is On

The Fight Is On 2010 Blind Pig Records

Deliveries After Dark

Deliveries After Dark 2008 Blind Pig Records

Stealing the Devil's Guitar

Stealing the Devil’s Guitar 2006 Blind Pig Records

Ten Years with Popa Chubby Best of

Ten Years with Popa Chubby Best of 2006 Dixie

Big Man Big Guitar: Popa Chubby Live

Big Man Big Guitar: Popa Chubby Live 2005 Blind Pig Records

Peace Love and Respect

Peace Love and Respect 2004 Blind Pig Records

Old School - Popa Chubby & Friends Play Muddy, Willie and More

Old School – Popa Chubby & Friends Play Muddy, Willie and More 2003 Popa Chubby Productions

Hungry Years

Hungry Years 2003 Blind Pig Records

Live at FIP

Live at FIP 2004 Popa Chubby Production

Black Coffee Blues Band

Black Coffee Blues Band 2003 Dixie Frog

The Good, The Bad & The Chubby

The Good, The Bad & The Chubby 2002 Blind Pig Records

How'd a White Boy Get the Blues

How’d a White Boy Get the Blues 2001 Blind Pig Records

Popa Chubby Presents The New York City Blues

Popa Chubby Presents The New York City Blues 1999 Popa Chubby Productions

Brooklyn Basement Blues

Brooklyn Basement Blues 1999 Shanachie Records

One Million Broken Guitars

One Million Broken Guitars 1998 Lightyear

Hit the High Hard One

Hit the High Hard One 1996

The First Cuts

The First Cuts 1996

Booty and the Beast

Booty and the Beast 1995

Gas Money

Gas Money 1993

It's Chubby Time

It’s Chubby Time 1991


New York Blues Rock guitar legend Popa Chubby releases this 27 track, 2 CD set recorded live in France! The offering includes a vast selection of Chubby classics including Over The Rainbow and covers of some great Rolling Stones Standards.

Larger than life blues figure Popa Chubby has a lot of reasons to feel lucky this year. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of his emergence as a powerful force in the venerable New York blues scene with his very own band, and his own unique brand of hard hitting, face melting, blues rock n’ funky soul. And he’ll celebrate this major milestone the only way he knows how, with the release of a smokin’ hot studio album I’m Feelin’ Lucky – coming October 14 on Cleopatra Records – and a series of shows on the West Coast!

“It’s been 25 years and I’m still standing,” declares Popa Chubby, and considering the long and rugged road he’s had to travel, that in itself is a miracle. From his beginning in the late ‘70s as a “bad kid with an afro and a brand new Gibson Midnight Special guitar” to his stint as a punk rock sideman for Screaming Mad George and Richard Hell, among others, to signing a deal with Sony and releasing one of the top selling blues albums of 1994 (the phenomenal Booty And The Beast), Popa Chubby has seen it all and lived to tell about it on well over a dozen studio albums!

His newest effort I’m Feelin’ Lucky gave the veteran musician an opportunity to reflect on his extraordinary career and to work on new musical ideas and arrangements in a relaxed, low-pressure setting. Recording at his home studio in the Hudson Valley, Popa called on some of his closest associates to help bring this album to life, including drummer Chris Reddan, keyboardist Dave Keyes, and bassist Francesco Beccaro. In addition, two very special guests brought even more magic to the proceedings, vocalist Dana Fuchs, mostly known for her role in the 2007 Beatles musical Across The Universe, as well as one of the most revered blues players around today, Mike Zito of the Royal Southern Brotherhood.

I’m Feelin’ Lucky is Popa’s debut album for Cleopatra and contains some of his best and most deeply felt writing. “The Way It Is” is an “urban soul ballad,” he explains, “that’s about those times when you just sit there and you realize that you’re all messed up and there ain’t nothing you can do about it…that’s the blues right there.” The title track is a major slice of “badass funk” with heavy wah wah pedal guitar playing from Popa and “great New Orleans style lyrics.” “I’m A Pitbull (Nothin’ But Love)” may be the song closest to his heart: “I’m a big dog lover. I have a little pitbull and I love him dearly. They’re a very misunderstood breed. I work with people at a pitbull rescue who work with these dogs and train them to be service dogs for veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a beautiful thing. There is not a more loyal, devoted and emotionally intuitive dog.” It’s these very same qualities in Popa Chubby’s own gracious persona that have been drawing fans to his music for over 2 decades.

Fans will also delight in hearing that Popa Chubby’s Feelin’ Lucky Tour hits the West Coast later this year with a slew of shows starting in Las Vegas at the Big Blues Bender held in the Riviera Hotel & Casino. For complete tour information, visit www.popachubby.com and get lucky with Popa Chubby!




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