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Roots Rock n’ Roller Nikki Hill prepares to take new CD, Here’s Nikki Hill, worldwide! Set for a July 2013 release on Nikki and Matt Hill’s independent label, Deep Fryed Records, Here’s Nikki Hill will follow up the heavy international underground buzz of her summer 2012 self-titled EP.

“The fast-rising, hard-charging, 20-something, North Carolina born-and-bred singer Nikki Hill has more than earned her evocative ‘Southern Firebal’ moniker.”
- LA Weekly

This new release, produced by Felix Reyes and Nikki Hill at The House of Tone in Chicago, IL, answers the high demand from fans for more music after success with her self-titled debut EP. Called a ‘whiplash moment’, Nikki Hill and her band are climbing to the top of the roots music scene step by step and leaving jaws on the floor along the way. With their well known high energy show, they take all the flavors of American roots music, to deliver a sound that reminds us all why we love rock n’ roll. Nikki’s gritty and raw voice with dynamics that hint of a long-standing career, driving rhythm guitar, and a tight rhythm section take what we music lovers admire about our roots legends, and then push them to the next level that the world of rock n’ roll has been waiting for.

“Hill is a petite powerhouse, with a booming that is as sweet and lucious as it is gritty and raw. ”
– Portland Monthly

“I’m lucky to play with an amazing band that have wet their feet in all kinds of American music. It gives us a chance to display everything that we love without any restrictions and keep a rocking sound! It’s great while writing and arranging to play with combining different elements of all the music that we enjoy and use it to create our sound,” Nikki says. The self-titled EP that the band has traveled with from state to state and overseas proved with only 4 tunes penned by Hill herself that they have an energy that crosses over many genres, drawing crowds from every avenue at their shows. One club advertisement will call Nikki “The Southern Fireball”, “the new soul sensation”, “amazing R&B shouter”, and even “the new Queen of Rock and Roll”.

“What can I say?,” Nikki questions. “If people feel like we’re giving them all of that, good! What I love so much about what we’re doing is the world is getting to witness our sound as it develops. And what an interesting journey it is. Sure, people may not be able to put their finger completely on it, but if they know it rocks, and they know it makes them feel good, we feel accomplished,” Hill explains.

“Just try to keep up with her”
– Johnny Whiteside, LA Weekly

Nikki is already way beyond her career years in songwriting. The new releases’s 7 original songs range in theme as well as showcase diverse arrangements and melodies, which Hill comes up with on her own before introducing to the band. This allows the listener to hear the variety of range that Nikki Hill possesses, and witness exactly why she is noted for having a voice that can prompt a sweet and luscious tone, and then give us a dirty rock and roll snarl that pulls it all together. When not penning new songs, the band works together at taking their favorite songs and rearranging them to deliver something familiar, but very much their own. “Matt Hill (guitar), Joe Meyer (drums), and I love working together on cover songs,” Nikki explains. “We pull them apart and then put them back together with the way we want to do them! That makes it our sound, but people can still say ‘Oh yeah, I know that song!’, it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s hard to believe when you see and hear her, but performing live only since fall 2011, Nikki Hill’s first live billed show was at the legendary Blues City Deli in St. Louis, MO. This now world famous family owned deli and music venue gave Nikki a chance after moving to St. Louis with husband and guitar player, Matt Hill. Both had a dream of playing music together just as friends 8 years ago. But, when the reality hit that they had the opportunity, it was a surprise. Still, with each other’s encouragement, the duo took the chance and played a handful of shows around the St. Louis area. The local whispers turned to a wider buzz, and with each show, YouTube video, and other improptu performances (sitting in at a jam at Viva Las Vegas Weekender in 2012 brought a major amount of attention that spurred Nikki to write and release the EP), the word of this energetic band continues to spread and shows no signs of stopping.

“If there has been a better original blues bopper released this year than “I Got A Man”, I haven’t heard it yet. Great vocal delivery against some ace lead guitar work.”
– Rock N Roll Magazine

Prior to that, Hill sang in gospel choirs as a child. It lasted until her teens, when rock and roll took over and she quit. However, the similarities were always apparent for Nikki, and especially now in the midst of her musical career, she can truly note the benefits to singing in church and the stark parallels in the music her band performs now. “I didn’t appreciate it then, but I sure do now. Most of the artists that I credit as influences started off singing in church. No matter what you believe, you take that style with you. It’s intense, it’s raw, it’s REAL…it’s rock and roll!” Nikki says.  Whatever this un-realized training did, it’s obvious that it did something and it stuck with Hill whether she expected it or not. It’s hard to believe this 20-something young woman is new to the business and already has co-production, writing, and band leading credits, now with the backing of an international roots music booking agency and management under her belt with what seems like ease.

“Turning heads with her vintage dresses, head scarves, and full-sleeve tattoo, just as Etta James did with her signature bleach blonde hair, the St. Louis-transplant brings new life to a classic sound.”
– Portland Monthly

“I love what I do!” Hill exclaims. “I quit my day job to do this so now I’m riding it ’till the wheels fall off. Music has always been my life, and now I’m able to dig even deeper into it and I have an excuse. It’s a music nerd’s dream! I just want people to love the music as much as I do, and hopefully it makes them feel good and maybe forget about whatever is going on in their world for just a moment. Our music is real. Our show is real. People feel that! I’m happy to be a part of this wild ride.” With the release of Here’s Nikki Hill, Nikki and her band plan on hitting cities and events with their no-holds-barred live show in North America and abroad.